Texas A&M Green Roof Project

Advisor: Dr. Don Conlee

Years Active: Spring 2016 - Spring 2018

What is the Green Roof Project?

The Texas A&M Green Roof Project is a collaboration between the Department of Architecture and the Department of Atmospheric Sciences. Students help maintain plots on a green roof located on the roof of the Langford building at Texas A&M. These plots contain an assortment of plants along with various meteorological sensors and equipment. The intention of the project is to study how certain species of plants react to a variety of environmental conditions in a green roof setting.

How did I contribute to Green Roof?

While my focus on the project was primarily programming and maintaining the instrument sensor data loggers, I have been involved is almost all aspects of the project. This includes:

- Regular maintenance of the meteorological equipment used for Project Green Roof
- Regular maintenance of the CR Basic code used to run a variety of data-loggers and cameras on the roof
- Writing new code in CR Basic to integrate new meteorological sensors into data-loggers
- Physically wiring sensors into data-loggers

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