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2016 Barbados Study Abroad

This was a 2 week faculty-led Maymester trip to the Caribbean country of Barbados, where we studied at the Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology (CIMH). On the trip, we learned about the meteorological phenomenon that typical affects Barbados and the Lesser Antilles. This included easterly waves, shear lines, Saharan dust transport, mesoscale features such as the island wake effect and the sea breeze, and other topics unique to the area. 


Throughout our visit to Barbados, we conducted field work to collect data on some of this tropical weather phenomenon. This included a day long sea-breeze study, two weather balloon launches, and an aerosol study using a photometer. After collecting the data, we presented an initial analysis of our findings to CIMH staff members.


Additionally, we were split into groups that led tropical weather briefings each morning. Groups were required to apply topics learned during lecture in forecasting for the local region. These briefings would often lead to class discussion, and helped highlight the drastically different forecasting techniques required for the tropics. 

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